Tuber maculatum

Torus is irregular round or tuberous,the surface is smooth,yellowish white to gray-ocher color,flesh color varies from beige to reddish brown color,marbled with white veins,increasing from summer to winter buried in the ground in deciduous and coniferous forests.
Sezóna Leto
Sezóna Jeseň
Sezóna Zimné
Habitat Opadavý
Farba plodníc White
Farba plodníc Yellow
Farba plodníc Ocher
Size 1" - 4" (2,5cm - 10cm)
Farba mäsa Beige
Farba mäsa Brown
Farba mäsa Reddish
Aróma Neutrálny
Vkus Horký