Langermania gigantea

Torus is round,broad,shaped like a flattened on top,wrapped in a double sheath,whitish to creamy white color,growing to 50 cm wide,growing in the summer and early autumn the meadows and pastures,along the edge of forests,bushes,along the forest paths.
Sezon Lato
Sezon Jesień
Siedlisko Polana
Siedlisko Łąka
Siedlisko Przydroża
Kolor owocników White
Kolor owocników Cream
Size 4" - 12" (10cm - 30cm)
Size > 10" (25cm)
Kolor mięsa White
Kolor mięsa Yellow
Kolor mięsa Olive
Trzon kolor Biały
Zapach Neutralny
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