Wine stew with boletus

Cleaned mushrooms cut into slices, fry in hot oil, finely sliced ​​onions, chives, garlic, add mushrooms, flour, wine, lemon juice, salt, pepper, cook in a covered container for about 20 minutes. Before serving sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.
Specifiche di prodotto
Boletus 500g/20oz
Garlic 5g/1 teaspoon
Onion 25g/1oz
Parsley 25g/1oz
Chives 1 tablespoon/15g
Lemon juice 1 teaspoon/5ml
Salt 1 teaspoon/4,8g
Pepper 1 teaspoon/4,8g
Olive oil 10ml/3,4oz
White flour 2 tablespoon/30g
Wine white 200ml/68oz