Paxillus filamentosus

Cap is convex,then widespread and funnel shape,the surface is covered with flakes,the edge is curled and wavy, varies between brown,olive brown and yellowish -brown colored ,the stem is full, thin and light brown in color, growing in summer and autumn in the deciduous forests,in glades in the damp earth.
Specifiche di prodotto
Stagione Estate
Stagione Autunno
Habitat Deciduo
Cappello Apre
Cappello Imbutiforme
Cappello Convesso
Cappello Squamato
Cappello colore Marrone
Cappello colore Oliva
Cappello colore Giallo
Cappello dimensione 2" - 5" (5cm - 12cm)
Cappello bordo Involuto
Cappello bordo Wavy
Cappello carne color Giallo
Cappello carne color Marrone
Lamelle Decorrenti
Lamelle colore Giallo
Lamelle colore Marrone
Lamelle colore Ruggine
Forma di lamelle Fitte
Gambo Fibroso
Gambo Farinoso
Gambo colore Marrone
Gambo dimensione 1" - 2" (2cm - 5cm)
Gambo sezione Fibrillar
Bulbo Spindle
Aroma Puzzo
Gusto Sour