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Agaricus bernardii

Cap is the first convex, then spreading, the surface is covered with cap shells, white color and then goes into a light ocher color, unpleasant fishy smell or decay, growing in meadows, pastures in the coastal zone. Because of the smell is not for eating.

Agaricus iodosmus

A wide cap, very fleshy, convex then widespread in the middle of the depressed dark to light brown, covered with brown scales, smelling of jodoform, growing in late summer at the seaside.

Albatrellus cristatus

Cap is irregularly spread, wavy, velvety surface is covered with scales, brown, olive green color, stem is eccentrically positioned, short, hard, white or olive green, growing in summer and autumn in the deciduous and coniferous forests, the buried remnants of trees or roots trees.

Astraeus hygrometricus

Torus consisting of two parts,the lower outer portion is cracked in the wings like stars,brown colored and grooved surfaces,the upper interior part of is a round,meat contains spores,whitish black colored,growing from spring to autumn in the sand,rocks and muddy ground.

Boletus albidus

Cap a convex, curled edge ashen white color, stipe the light yellow, growing in the summer and autumn in the deciduous forests and the coast.

Boletus calopus

Cap is a convex or rolled edge, gray-brown color, stipe tuberous thickened, red, unpleasant odor and bitter taste, grows in deciduous and mixed forests in summer and autumn.

Boletus lupinus

Cap convex, fleshy, velvety and ocher yellow with purple-red spots, irregular edge and curved, yellow, with a stipe a reddish shade, grows in summer and autumn in the deciduous forests.

Boletus pachypus

Cap was first convex and spread, olive-yellow or brown in color, inroled the edge, stipe paunchy yellow with shades of purple, sour aroma, it grows in coniferous forests in summer and autumn at higher regions.

Boletus purpureus

Cap convex, solid, fleshy, blood red and has black spots, the surface velvety, stipe thick, covered with a thick red grid, beneath which is a yellow flesh, it smells like fruit, grows in the summer and autumn in the deciduous forests.

Boletus rhodopurpureus

Cap convex , rough surface, carmine red purple color, stipe thickened, covered with a thick red grid, to touch sharply blue, late summer, grows in deciduous forests.