Meripilus giganteus

Cap is great, have grown together one on top of another, spherical shape, reddish brown color with a blackish shades, with dark wavy concentric circles, the surface is fibrous Velour,stem not exist, but coalesced caps form a fleshy base, growing in summer and autumn in the oak stumps,beech.
Specifiche di prodotto
Stagione Estate
Stagione Autunno
Habitat Deciduo
Microlocazione Moncone
Cappello Apre
Cappello colore Marrone
Cappello colore Rossastro
Cappello dimensione > 10" (25cm)
Cappello bordo Wavy
Cappello carne color Bianco
Cappello carne color Rossastro
Cappello carne color Nerastro
Spongy color White
Aroma Piacevole
Gusto Sour