Bondarzewia montana

Cap is a fan shaped branch out into lobes, the edge is wavy, rough and velvety surface, ocher brown color, stem is very short, full, thick, hairy, white color, branch out into the caps, growing as a parasite or saprophyte in coniferous forests .
Specifiche di prodotto
Stagione Estate
Stagione Autunno
Habitat Conifere
Microlocazione Moncone
Cappello Apre
Cappello colore Ocra
Cappello colore Marrone
Cappello dimensione > 10" (25cm)
Cappello bordo Wavy
Cappello bordo Sinuous
Cappello carne color Bianco
Spongy color White
Spongy color Beige
Gambo Fibroso
Gambo colore Bianco
Gambo sezione Fibrillar
Aroma Neutro
Gusto Aspro