Boletus aereus

Cap is open, the color varies from dark brown to light brown, the fleshy, a very wide, stem is robust, brown in color, growing from the end of summer to autumn in deciduous forests, along forest edges.
Specifiche di prodotto
Stagione Estate
Stagione Autunno
Habitat Deciduo
Habitat Radura
Cappello Apre
Cappello colore Marrone
Cappello colore Luce
Cappello colore Buio
Cappello dimensione 3" - 8" (7,5cm - 20cm)
Cappello bordo Straight
Cappello carne color Bianco
Spongy color White
Spongy color Cream
Gambo Fibroso
Gambo colore Marrone
Gambo dimensione 3" - 6" (8cm - 15cm)
Aroma Fungo
Bulbo Cudgel
Tag del prodotto