Calvatia elata

Torus are formed from the head and stem,the head is round,finely nipples, stem is thickened,finely nipples,inflated,whitish gray to ocher brown colored,growing in late summer and early autumn along the edges of forests,in forest glades and mountain pastures.
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Temporada Verano
Temporada Otoño
Habitat Calvero
Habitat Pradera
Habitat En carretera
Torus color Gris
Torus color Blanco
Torus color Ocre
Sombrero tamaño 2" - 6" (5cm - 15cm)
Carne color Blanco
Carne color Oliva
Pie color Gris
Pie color Blanco
Pie color Ocre
Base del pie Inflated
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