Boletus luridus

Cap is widespread in wet weather mucous surface, the color varies from gray-brown to black and brown stem is fleshy, the surface covered with prominent a reddish mesh, increasing in summer and autumn in the deciduous forests on the coast.
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Temporada Verano
Temporada Otoño
Habitat Caduco
Habitat Calvero
Habitat Costero
Sombrero Convex
Sombrero Lisa
Sombrero color Gris
Sombrero color Marrón
Sombrero color Oscura
Sombrero tamaño 3" - 8" (7,5cm - 20cm)
Sombrero margen Straight
Sombrero carne color Amarillo
Sombrero carne color Gris
Sombrero carne color Azul
Poros color Verde
Poros color Rojizo
Pie Fibrillar
Pie color Naranja
Pie color Rojizo
Pie tamaño 2" -8" (5cm - 20cm)
Pie sección Fibrillar
Olor Pleasant
Sabor Sweet
Base del pie Cudgel
Base del pie Paunchy base
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