Russula violeipes

Cap is convex, then widespread ,incurved edge, has a variable color ,varies from yellow green, olive yellow, carmine purple or reddish-brown color, stipe of purple, grow in summer and autumn in deciduous and coniferous forests.
Season Summer
Season Autumn
Habitat Conifers
Habitat Deciduous
Cap Convex
Cap Flat
Cap color Yellow
Cap color Green
Cap color Purple
Cap color Brown
Cap size 1" - 4" (2,5cm - 10cm)
Cap edge Inroled
Cap flesh color White
Gills Adnate tooth
Gills color White
Gills color Cream
Gills form Dense
Gills form Bifurcated
Stipe Fibrillar
Stipe color Purple
Stipe size 2" - 4" (5cm - 10cm)
Stipe section Spongy
Aroma Fish
Taste Sweet
Base of stipe Spindle
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