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Agaricus abruptibulbus

Cap is a bell, then spreading, white,silky the touch of a finger becomes lemon yellow, smells of almonds, it grows in coniferous and deciduous forests.

Agaricus aestivalis

Cap is a rounded convex, then spread out and truncate bulging, white with shades of brown and ocher, grows in spring and summer in coniferous and mixed forests.

Agaricus aestivalis var. veneris

Cap is a round convex then spreading, fleshy, thin, white with yellow spots, smells of fruit and peach growing in early spring, the wet and acidic land in deciduous forests.

Agaricus arvensis

Cap is the first conical bell, then it is widespread, white, silky smells like anise, grows in coniferous forests and meadows, but fails in deciduous forests.

Agaricus augustus

Cap is a large, convex, then spread out, covered with brown scales, it smells like almonds, grows in the summer and autumn in groups, in deciduous and coniferous forests.

Agaricus benesii

Cap is the first spherical convex, then extensive, fleshy, white, its smooth texture, neutral taste and aroma, grows in the summer and autumn in the deciduous and coniferous forests, the glades, a rare species.

Agaricus bernardii

Cap is the first convex, then spreading, the surface is covered with cap shells, white color and then goes into a light ocher color, unpleasant fishy smell or decay, growing in meadows, pastures in the coastal zone. Because of the smell is not for eating.

Agaricus bisporus var. albidus

Cap is convex, then open, white in color, smells aromatic, growing in the garden, compost, and parks.

Agaricus bisporus var. bisporus

Cap round convex, then open, light brown, with brown scales, aromatic smells like a nut, growing in gardens, compost and parks.