Macrolepiota umbonata

Cap is a wide open sharply bulging, covered with with small brown scales. It grows in deciduous and coniferous forests and grasslands
Season Summer
Season Autumn
Habitat Conifers
Habitat Deciduous
Habitat Meadow
Cap Bell shape
Cap Strongly bulging
Cap Fibrillose
Cap color Cream
Cap color Brown
Cap flesh color White
Cap size 2" - 4" (5cm - 10cm)
Gills Free gills
Gills form Dense
Gills color White
Stipe Fuzzy
Stipe color White
Stipe color Cream
Stipe size 4" - 6" (10cm - 15cm)
Stipe section Fibrillar
Ring Floating
Aroma Neutral
Base of stipe Cudgel
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