Entoloma sepium

A conical cap,then spread and bulging,whitish brown color,fleshy structure,the edge is wavy,stem is white,covered with red sequins,weak visible,growing in the spring near the plum and other fruit trees.
Season Spring
Habitat Orchard
Cap Conical
Cap Truncate
Cap color White
Cap color Brown
Cap size 1" - 4" (2,5cm - 10cm)
Cap edge Wavy
Cap flesh color White
Cap flesh color Reddish
Gills Adnate tooth
Gills color White
Gills color Reddish
Stipe Fibrillar
Stipe Fuzzy
Stipe color White
Stipe color Reddish
Stipe size 2" - 4" (5cm - 10cm)
Stipe section Fibrillar
Aroma Flour
Base of stipe Spindle
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