Collybia hariolorum

Cap is bell shape then spread, sometimes depressed, whitish or light brown , stem is whitish brown colors, covered with white hairs, grows in spring and summer on the fallen leaves of deciduous trees.
Season Spring
Season Summer
Habitat Deciduous
Cap Bell shape
Cap Flat
Cap Depressed
Cap color Ocher
Cap color Brown
Cap color Cream
Cap size 1"- 2" (2cm -5cm)
Cap edge Straight
Cap edge Ribbed
Cap flesh color White
Gills Adnate
Gills Free gills
Gills color Cream
Gills color Ocher
Gills form Dense
Stipe Fibrillar
Stipe color Ocher
Stipe color Cream
Stipe color White
Stipe size 1" - 2" (2cm - 5cm)
Base of stipe Spindle
Aroma Stink
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