Boletus rhodopurpureus

Cap convex , rough surface, carmine red purple color, stipe thickened, covered with a thick red grid, to touch sharply blue, late summer, grows in deciduous forests.
Season Summer
Season Autumn
Habitat Deciduous
Cap Convex
Cap Flat
Cap color Red
Cap color Purple
Cap size 2" - 6" (5cm - 15cm)
Cap edge Inroled
Cap flesh color Yellow
Cap flesh color Blue
Spongy color Yellow
Spongy color Red
Spongy color Blue
Stipe Mealy
Stipe Fibrillar
Stipe color Red
Stipe color Blue
Stipe size 2" - 4" (5cm - 10cm)
Stipe section Fibrillar
Aroma Neutral
Base of stipe Cudgel
Base of stipe Paunchy base
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