Agaricus vaporarius

Cap is convex, then spreading, fleshy, brown, covered with brown scales, it smells like mushrooms, grow in summer and autumn on arable land, with roads, parks and gardens.
Season Summer
Season Autumn
Habitat Arable land
Habitat Roadside
Cap Convex
Cap Fibrillose
Cap color Brown
Cap size 4" - 6" (10cm - 15cm)
Cap edge Ragged patches of veil
Cap flesh color White
Gills Free gills
Gills color Grey
Gills color Red
Gills color Brown
Gills color Dark
Gills form Dense
Stipe Fibrillar
Stipe color White
Stipe section Fibrillar
Stipe section Tubular
Ring Upwards
Base of stipe Cudgel
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