Panus rudis

Cap is funnel and irregularly shaped, reddish color with purple shades, later fading,surface covered with bristles, the edge is incurved,stipe is short,hard and full, covered with bristles, growing in the group on the stumps deciduous trees, rare species.
Heimat Laub
Mikroansicht Stumpf
Hut Trichterförmig
Hut farbe Rötlich
Hut farbe Lila
Stiel groß 1" - 2" (2cm - 5cm)
Hut farbe Ocker
Hut groß 1" - 4" (2,5cm - 10cm)
Hut rand Inroled
Hutfleisch farbe Weiß
Lamellen Decurrent
Lamellen farbe Ocker
Lamellen farbe Creme
Form von lamellen Gedrängt
Stiel Fibrillar
Stiel farbe Ocker
Stiel farbe Creme
Stiel sektion Fibrillar
Aroma Mehl
Stielknolle Spindle