Morchella esculenta var. rotunda

Torus consisting of a hollow cap and stem. Cap is irregularly round or oval in shape, has the look of the honeycombed, light yellow to greyish yellow color, the ribs are irregularly curly, a stem of whitish color, hollow and gnarled grooved, growing in the spring in coniferous forests, in glades, along the forest roads.
Jahreszeit Frühling
Heimat Koniferen
Heimat Lichtung
Heimat Straßenrand
Hut Gewölbt
Hut Kegelig
Hut farbe Gelb
Hut farbe Grau
Hut groß 1" - 4" (2,5cm - 10cm)
Stiel Grooved
Stiel farbe Weiß
Stiel farbe Creme
Stiel groß 2" - 4" (5cm - 10cm)
Stiel sektion Tubular
Stielknolle Cudgel
Aroma Angenehm