Leccinum holopus

Cap hemispherical convex, white, stipe thin, fibrous and a full, covered with white flaked, the old fungus and shades of green, growing in the summer and fall to the wet ground under birch, a very rare species.
Jahreszeit Sommer
Jahreszeit Herbst
Heimat Laub
Mikroansicht Nass
Hut Gewölbt
Hut farbe Weiß
Hut farbe Grau
Hut groß 1" - 4" (2,5cm - 10cm)
Hutfleisch farbe Weiß
Spongy color White
Spongy color Grey
Spongy color Green
Stiel Flaky
Stiel farbe Weiß
Stiel groß 3" - 6" (8cm - 15cm)
Stiel sektion Fibrillar
Aroma Neutral
Stielknolle Cudgel