Cortinarius pseudoprivignus

Cap a convex and truncate, the edge is rolled,ocher and gray-brown with dark spots in the middle,stem of is ocher whitish color,thick and paunchy, growing in late summer and deciduous forests, in mixed oak forests.
Jahreszeit Sommer
Heimat Laub
Hut Gewölbt
Hut farbe Ocker
Hut farbe Braun
Hut farbe Grau
Hut groß 1" - 4" (2,5cm - 10cm)
Hut rand Inroled
Hutfleisch farbe Ocker
Hutfleisch farbe Weiß
Lamellen Angewachsen
Lamellen farbe Ocker
Lamellen farbe Braun
Form von lamellen Weit
Stiel Fibrillar
Stiel farbe Weiß
Stiel farbe Ocker
Stiel groß 1" - 2" (2cm - 5cm)
Stiel sektion Fibrillar
Aroma Neutral
Stielknolle Paunchy base
Stielknolle As beet