Cortinarius anomalus

Cap a convex then widespread and bulging, fibrous structure, bluish gray color,mid-cap is brown,stem is whitish cream color with gray-bluish tones, growing in the summer in deciduous forests.
Jahreszeit Sommer
Heimat Koniferen
Heimat Laub
Hut farbe Grau
Hut farbe Blau
Hut farbe Braun
Hut groß 1"- 2" (2cm -5cm)
Hut rand Straight
Hutfleisch farbe Weiß
Hutfleisch farbe Grau
Lamellen farbe Grau
Lamellen farbe Rost
Lamellen farbe Braun
Lamellen farbe Blau
Stiel farbe Creme
Stiel farbe Grau
Stiel groß 2" - 4" (5cm - 10cm)
Stiel sektion Fibrillar
Stiel sektion Tubular
Aroma Gestank
Stielknolle Spindle