Boletus satanas

Cap tough, fleshy, convex, close to the stipe, Stipe thick, yellow under the cap, then goes to red, and in the thickest part of the blood red, unpleasant smell, taste sweet and insipid, it grows in the summer in deciduous forests.
Jahreszeit Sommer
Heimat Laub
Heimat Lichtung
Hut Gewölbt
Hut farbe Grau
Hut farbe Licht
Hut groß 3" - 8" (7,5cm - 20cm)
Hut groß 4" - 12" (10cm - 30cm)
Hutfleisch farbe Gelb
Hutfleisch farbe Grau
Spongy color Yellow
Spongy color Orange
Spongy color Red
Stiel Fibrillar
Stiel farbe Rot
Stiel groß 3" - 6" (8cm - 15cm)
Stiel sektion Fibrillar
Aroma Gestank
Geschmack Süß
Stielknolle Inflated
Stielknolle Paunchy base